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I don’t want you to leave me. I’m scared you’ll fall in love with some person that isn’t me..

1 note - 27 June, 2012

I can’t wait for that day when you’re finally mine.

3 notes - 24 June, 2012

Will you remember me in ten years?

2 notes - 19 June, 2012

Sometimes I just don’t want to reply because waiting for the reply to my reply just makes me uneasy.

4 notes - 11 June, 2012

Why do you think I distance myself from you guys, fake fucks.

4 notes - 7 June, 2012

baby it’s our one year anniversary if you stayed. I miss you, and sorry for the mistakes that I’ve made. I can’t believe that time passes by so fast, one moment you’re safely in my arms, next, it’s been a year.

0 notes - 5 June, 2012

At night you think about all the things that you try so hard to forget about during the day.

5 notes - 4 June, 2012

Falling for you over and over again every day.

3 notes - 4 June, 2012

I’m not fighting anyone’s battles. I got enough of my own.

2 notes - 3 June, 2012

I don’t think I’ll ever be completely over you.

6 notes - 2 June, 2012

This conversation we’re about to have might actually be the end of “us”. I feel so heavy, my heart is slowly breaking.

2 notes - 1 June, 2012